Lifetime Music Distribution

Keep 100% Royalties

Distribute directly to all global major stores. Get paid every month and get real-time statistics of your streamings and downloads, also from your smartphone.

Free to get started, no card required


Lifetime Music Distribution

What are you?

All Music Genres Supported

Distribute from Classical music to Electronic Music.

Fast Delivery

Send and upload your music from your desktop or smarthphone.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools with Pre-save Landing Page per release.

Artist Development

A suite of tools for improving your music presence in the industry.

Monthly Payments

Get your royalties every month directly to your PayPal account.

Free sign up

Join for free and get the 85% of your royalties.


Plans for everyone

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Prices are in USD Dollars.

Single (1 Track)

$15 $9 / Lifetime
  • One-time payment
  • Unlimited Artists
  • Keep 100% royalties
  • All major stores
  • Split royalties with contributors
  • Monthly royalty payments
  • In-house compilation consideration
  • Tiktok monetization
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Asia Stores
  • YouTube

Album (2 - 20 Tracks)

$45 $27 / Lifetime
  • One-time payment
  • Unlimited Artists
  • All major stores
  • Keep 100% royalties
  • Split royalties with contributors
  • Monthly royalty payments
  • In-house compilation consideration
  • Tiktok monetization
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Asia Stores
  • YouTube


Yes, and you can keep your stats. Check out our complete guide here.

With Lifetime plan your release will  keep distributed  and available for LIFE in all our current and future partner stores.

With annual plan you   need  to renew every year for keep your release distributed and alive in the stores.

You will keep 100% of your royalties in any plan.

100% of all streaming and download revenue is retained by the artist.

Yes, and they are free.

Yes, you will be able to select a release date at the final step of the distribution process for each partner store.

Yes, this option is available during the distribution process.

Yes, from the MUSUITE Dashboard, navigate to your Releases via the left dropdown area and click on Products. From this window, you can edit your releases and release drafts.

Most partner stores will have your music live after one week.

Yes, but this option is only available in very few partner stores.

Easy and Intuitive Dashboard.​

Don’t need previous knowledge about music distribution.

Charts, Diagrams & more

A complete solution for marketing and sales about each release, artist, country, store and more.

Streaming landing smartlink

Automatic landing pages

Get automatic landing pages with smart links to promote all your releases, this feature is included in all plans.


Distribute music to major stores

Distribute your music to all stores around the world to all major stores.

Track song sales and plays

Keep track of all plays, streams, and downloads of each of your songs.

Grow your fanbase

Marketing tools integrated to grow your fanbase with automatic landing pages.

Market your release

Let your fans select with a QR code listen to your music with their prefered music service.

Split royalties automatically

Don’t need to calculate and split royalties, Musuite integrates a Royalty Split System. 

Stay connected everywhere

Keep connected everywhere with MUSUITE as it integrates a mobile app for iOS and Android.